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of more attacks on the united states and praises suspected terrorist u man farouk abdulmutallab, calling him, quote, a hero fighter. the white house says it cannot confirm as of yet the awe thoantivity of this tape we will be live at the white house with the latest. good morning, molly. >> reporter: the tape is not authenticated but officials tell us there's never been a fake tape from the terrorist leader, a u.s. official tells us that osama bin laden appears to be trying to attach himself to the underwear bombing operation, calling suspect u man farouk abdulmutallab a hero. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula took responsibility for that bombing on christmas day, but the intelligence community doesn't think that the central al-qaeda group necessarily gives orders to al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that they may have shared ideology but they don't necessarily cooperate tactically. now, in the tape, bin laden also says that america can never dream of living in peace unless there is peace in palestine. >> it is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffer greatly.
. where would this country be without the help of the united states? up to 7000 troops said to be in the area by today, while 300,000 homeless haitians await their arrival. our coverage continues here in haiti, also with me today, high colleagues, path i ann brown and gregg jarrett. gregg: we'll check in with you momentarily, i'm gregg jarrett. patti ann: i'm path i ann brown. a deadly attack in afghanistan near the presidential palace and dramatic new developments in the massachusets senate battle, a new poll suggesting a big shift. and panic by some washington democrats, worry that the massachusets battle will derail their health care overall. we'll detail the 11th hour plan to avoid that. gregg: first, let's begin with bill hemmer in port-au-prince, haiti, where the situation is evolving minute by minute. bill? bill: yeah, gregg, good morning again, we're back the a the airport on this monday, the last time we were here has been friday so it's been three days and what a difference three days makes, the u.s. military is ramped up in a serious and significant way as these g
. thank you so much. >> reporter: in the meantime, back in the united states, obviously a lot of concern for the many families with loved ones in haiti. right now, one college campus is awaiting word on information about a group of students and faculty in haiti when the earthquake struck. twelve students from lynn university in south florida were on a humanitarian mission to distribute food and clothing and visit orphanages so far. the school has received word that parents have heard five students are safe. other parents who have yet to hear anything at all are trying to remain hopeful. >> a real loving person, it was something the school was offering, she really wanted to do it, she felt like it was a good cause and wanted to go on this trip. i talked to her sunday night and she was very upbeat, saying she had to get up at the crack of dawn, and looked on her facebook post, she always posts something there, it said it's 36 degrees and i'm out to save the world. >> the tight -- title of this course was journey for hope, haiti, and that's what we've got, we're hopeful. we know these stude
the president to speak any minute now on the tragedy in haiti and what the united states is doing right now to get help, where it needs to go, about 730 miles off the coast of florida in haiti. i want to get to those remarks, we'll take you straight there. we're also expecting at the white house senator harry reid and speaker of the house nancy pelosi at the white house over the next ten minutes or so. democrats we're told maying closing in on a final house and senate deal. so we may start to see the formulation of an actual agreed upon health care reform bill very close in the works there. care line shiveley is at the white house, while we await the president to speak. care line, have we got a bill? >> reporter: not quite yet. wouldn't it be great if they walked out the door and said here it is and handed us the 2000 pages? we're not expecting that today. we do expect them to get closer. we're told harry reid moments ago walked in the side door of the white house, nancy pelosi, probably close on his heels. the schedule has been rearranged this morning because of the president's statements
knew they sought to strike the united states and they were recruiting operatives to do so, the intelligence community did not aggressively follow up on and prioritize particular streams of intelligence related to a possible attack against the homeland. >> so the message there is al-qaeda in the ribban peninsula is up and running and a threat to the homeland so you can expect a lot of focus on that. bill: the president says we're going to avoid the blame game, not going to finger point at any of time. it sounds like the senior aides have taken that quite seriously, mike. >> you're right, after that, john brennan, janet napolitano did a briefing in the briefing room and john brennan offered this emotional reaction to his role in all of this. >> i told the president today, i let him down. i am the president's assistant, the homeland security and terrorism assistant, and i told him that i will do better, and we will do better as a team. >> so there's a key adviser, taking responsibility for his role in all of this, and promising that they will do better, bill. bill: mike emanu
rightly pointed out, it is the u.s. military and also the people of the united states who are helping to carry out the largest part of this relief effort in haiti. just point to the fact that two former presidents of the united states, president bush and president clinton, are rallying an effort that involves a massive response from the armed services, the donations from millions of average americans, that they are doing their best to encourage. caroline shively joins us following the response efforts from the white house this morning. the united states, leading the way here, caroline, as it has time and time again in these kinds of human tragedies, and in this case, the president has pledged the full support of the united states today and today is a vital, vital day in this operation. caroline? >> reporter: it is incredibly crucial, martha. this could be the make or break day. president obama just in the short term has pledged $100 million in u.s. aid, he acknowledges, though, that money is probably going to go up over the long term as haiti tries to claw its way out of this hole. at
token, he wants to ensure he works with the united states. flash backwards real quick. in october of 2000 when we were hit, his government flat denied there was a problem. it wasn't until one months later in 9/11 that the government of yemen began to truly cooperate and over time that cooperation has gone downhill. we can see already that just by their very actions, the government of yemen is not a reliable or trustworthy partner in the war on terrorism. they have, in fact, let one of the coconspirators from the attack on cole escape and is essentially free in the capitol today, and yet we want to return detainees to them. it doesn't make sense. we can't afford to be doing that. by the same token, we as a country need to be looking at how can we best engage with yemen to help that central government expand, similar to what's in afghanistan, so that the people throughout the country can realize that they are effective, they can provide for them, that the tribal leaders need to get on board with it, that we're not taking away their power, we're merely trying to get them to work with
will travel into the united states. we're going to give you a rundown here. citizens from 14 nations which include nigeria, pakistan, saudi arabia, will go through what is being called enhanced screening. that means full body patdowns and searches of carry-on luggage before boarding airlines for america, countries that are considered state sponsors of terrorism, as well as countries of interest. that's what we're talking about here, the the tsa announcing in a written statement, quote, the directive also increasings the use of enhanced screening technologies and random screening for passengers on u.s.-bound international flights. now, in countries where there is more advanced screening of equipment, passengers and passports from nations that are those state sponsors of terrorism or those countries of interest will go through the full body scanners that we have been hearing about, places like the u.k. and amsterdam. >> laura, what has been the reaction from security? experts, as well as civil rights groups, and i ask that because i do understand the american discrimination committee is alre
, paving the way for orphans to get to the united states. and orly, explain how this story unfolded. >> reporter: this is sort of like a made-for-tv movie. last night, sometime after 7:00, pennsylvania governor ed rendell showed up at port-au-prince, at the airport, showed up in a charter plane, brought a contingent of 20 people or so with him, he stood over 20 feet behind our location here, we noticed him, saw him, asked him what he was doing, he didn't want to talk about it, we became curious. turns out he has been planning with the help of several other people for a few weeks, for about a week now, to bring 54 haitian orphans from haiti into the united states. going to do it all on the down low, apparently didn't want any attention, wasn't going to tell anybody. he gets here and all of the sudden his great plans fall apart, so he's here, i'm watching him, he wanted to bring these kids, he's very excited about bringing these kids, so were all the doctors and nurses with them. when the moment happened, take a listen to ed rendell and what he had to say. >> our goal was to help thes
, breaking news, a message believed to frb -- to be from osama bin laden, blaming the united states and other western countries for climate change. the message, the world should boycott american goods and the u.s. dollar to stop global warming and at the same time destroy america's economy. that aired on alisyn: today -- onal gentleman zera today. whether true or not the first reference to global warming. take it from the source, osama bin laden. martha: well, we are getting a look at the new approval ratings for the president, this survey was done over the past several days and the latest rasmussen tracking poll shows 46 percent of the people that they've spoken to approve of the job that the president is doing, 54 percent in the disapproval column. joining us is independent pollster scott rasmussen. scott, good morning to you, great to have you here. >> always great to be with you and i got to point out the numbers you referenced were taken over the last three nights, so two-thirds of the interviews were done before the president's speech, the sample that we have for after the speech shows
captured the people in florida that committed espionage in the united states, they were held as enemy combatants. i've been a military lawyer for 25 years, the military justice department is superior to our civilian system when it comes to wartime matters. the military is set up to protect classified n and is a better venue to try people who are a military threat to the country. there's a reason that america has never done this in our history. never in the history of the united states have we taken an unlawfully enemy combatant, a noncitizen and put them in civilian court, and there's a reason for that. martha: i want to get to practical terms here. you are planning to force another vote on this, you brought up an amendment on this. >> yes. martha: to move this trial. it was shut down in november by a 54-45 vote. i want to also bring up the six senators who you're working with on this because it's a very impressive group of senators, so everybody can get a look at who's involved here. there's an article last week, i guess, in newsweek that said you're getting somewhere, that there's m
by this nigerian terrorist, but you have to look at it this way, if i'm president of the united states, i'm commander in chief, i'm going to read them the riot act, i'm going to say listen, people aren't doing their jobs and i'm going to start lopping heads off, proverbally speaking, of course, from the top and maybe that will make people understand that you know what, you actually can fire a federal employee and i'm going to start with some of you guys. patti ann: yeah. of course, it doesn't matter how good security is at american airports or our intelligence if it's weak at the -- weak at the airports overseas where the flights to the united states are originating and we are hearing foreign airports are not instituting the screening measures the u.s. called for on monday and senator chuck schumer is saying the u.s. should start boycotting airports that don't comply. do you agree? >> i'm not sure a boycott would be effective. travelers want to be as little inconvenienced as possible and they have the favorite airlines with the frequent flyer miles and so on. i don't think a boycott is go
in the united states, he is a fluent english speaker and he can reach a young audience in britain, united states and canada in english speaking countries, that makes him attractive to radicalizing young muslims. bill: say there are tens of thousands over the past year, even more than that, and how do you discern who is a potential threat and who's not? >> well, quite frankly, it's quite possible. even the united states of america has more capacity than any other country in the world. it's quite frankly impossible to monitor tens of thousands of contacts that he may have had over the past few years. the thing that you can do, of course, is monitor his personal e-mail, and the one to one communication he has with people, and there are indications that that one to one communication has been critical in the case of major hasan, in the case of the detroit plotter, and in some other cases so, that can be monitored, but the vast majority of contacts he has, it's impossible to monitor. bill: you mentioned the hasan case in texas and this is what is trickery, apparently he knew he had contact with al-awl
should have talking about race issues in the united states today. we don't do it very well, it's still considered one of the top three issues that is considered impolite in civilized society. you don't talk about politics, you don't talk about religion and you don't talk about race, unfortunately, because of that we do an awkward job, knowing that we need to. harry reid is someone that always scored 100 percent with the naacp's legislative report card, he's provided great leadership on issues that are important to our community, still very controversial in the broader society, issues like hate crimes, he's provided leadership on, voting rights, reenfranchisement of felony offenders, and other issues that are very controversial, among others, as you looked at it in the racial tent. bill: that's a yes to all my previous questions, right? >> we accept it. bill: that's a questions, right? chairman of the rnc is saying there's a double standard out there, head of republicans -- had the republicans been a different ballgame, he says if anyone else says it, it's racism but in this case, it's
policies between now and november. the democrats entered 2009 with 60 members of the united states senate, they may exit 2010, after the elections, with as few as 52 or 53 senators. in fact if i were betting today, i suspect to see 50 democrats and two independents after this election. bill: karl, thanks, in a couple of minutes we'll talk about what happens with the health care vote. karl rove is still with us after the break here. martha, in the meantime. martha: we want to know what you think about this, log on to our website and vote in the you decide poll, go to and click on the link that asks what does scott brown's victory mean. cast your vote and see up to the minute results on that. you can also post a comment in the fox forum as well. also ahead, breaking news on a horrific crime in virginia, a man now in custody, suspected of gunning down and killing eight people. we have new details on what happened after a dramatic police standoff. bill's we mentioned the hissic vote last night, we'll hear from a top democrat in the house on what he plans for his health care vote.
over constitutional law. officers in the united states tomorrow take an oath to support and defend the constitution. not some brand of their own definition of legal authority. this is the constitution of the united states. that is the flag. that's illegal behavior. somebody could have brought charges up against him at that point and got him into the system with legal review. bill: the illegal behavior is what, spider? >> it's proclaiming there's another form of illegal authority that soldiers in the military should follow and that is sharia law, taking the pledge, which we all take as officers to support the constitution. bill: this was the perfect storm of promotion, then. when you put that with what you said about the shortage of doctors in the u.s. army, and keep them in the ranks, and you're going to promote them and move them through the best way you can -- >> the sad truth is there's an incredible tolerance for different forms of behavior and performance metrics in order to admance folks. if you look at the promotion records across the military, you would find at least specif
with the united states. the editorial also says pyongyang wants negotiations to make the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons m some analysts see the olive branch as an opening move and talks over the regime's nuclear program. are a bit more skeptical saying north korea is unlikely to make any major concessions. shannon: the main opposition leader in iran is not backing down from increasingly tense face-off with the regime. mir hossein mousavi saying he is ready to die for his cause. he also lashed out at the bloody crackdown the authorities are waging against the opposition saying the government must accept the people's right to dem peacefully. -- demonstrate peacefully. security forces clashed with protesters last sunday in tehran killing at least eight people including mir hossein mousavi's nephew. it was the deadliest violence days after the deadly presidential election in june. israeli hard lines called for the excuse of mir hossein mousavi and other opposition leaders. iranny state prosecution leader warned other opposition leaders could be put on trial if they do not denounce the de
to companies that bring jobs in the united states of america. the house has passed a jobs bill that includes some of these steps. [applause] as the first order of business this year, i urge the senate to do the same and i know they will. people are out of work. they're hurting. they need our help. i want a jobs bill on my desk, without delay. bill: then how do republicans feel about this? senator john buress is out of wyoming, good morning to you. >> good to you with you. bill: do you like a jobs bill? >> i like a jobs bill but not a bill that passed the house with $150 billion, which is a sign of stimulus, it's another stimulus package, and the number one piece of this bill is unemployment benefits, it's not really giving certainty, because martha is right and you're right, people are not rushing to hire more people, because there's no certainty, we don't know what's going to happen with cap and tax, what expenses are going to be on businesses, what's going to happen with health care, are the taxes going to go up. we need to have an opportunity, because jobs really needs to be number one an
-- it seems the thing has been flipped upside down. now dozens of witnesses who are in the united states are going to have to be transported, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to, hold this trial in iraq. so that it's convenient for the detainee who is confined there, when in fact if he's in american custody he can be brought to norfolk for the trial. bill: why would he be brought to norfolk? >> we've been told it's too hard. they're not willing to put forth of effort to bring the one witness who claims to have been hit to the united states. instead all of us are going to have to pick up and move. bill the judge said it's too hard? >> well, no, the government said it's too hard, the prosecutors have said it's too hard. bill: so 50 people have to fly to baghdad to carry out this trial? >> that's right, all at government expense and all operating their lives and -- uprooting their lives and normal routines and go there. bill: how much sense does that make? >> it doesn't make any sense at all. we're talking one witness out of dozens, usually the center of gravity where the witnesses
for the president of the united states to stand up and vilify this industry or that industry or is this a moment to kind of bring people together and put a positive message out there about what we can do together as a country? >> well, you know, that's sort of what bill clinton did with his famous after the 1994 election that was a republican landslide and of course he said the era of big government is over and we'll work together and so on, and in fact he did. i don't think president obama is quite that flexible he's ideological and will want to i think take a tougher stance. he will obviously be nicer to republicans, but -- and his popularity is down, but banks and oil companies and insurance companies, they're much popular than he is, and then the other part will be the decifit reduction part, you know. the white house has been talking about this for weeks. and they're trying to work up some sort of a deal with the -- where the president can propose a decifit reduction omission and so on and he'll invite republicans to be part of that. martha: all the things you mentioned, and actually, i wan
response to their plea here in the united states. dana, thank you very much, dana lewis with an interesting story from egypt this morning. bill: in the meantime, back to one of the stories we talked about top of the hour here, this troubling story unfolding in new jersey, the fbi saying a suspect was carrying high-powered weapons, wearing a bullet-proof map, had a -- bullet-proof vest, also marrying a map of the military site in new jersey. we're more on that story, too. martha: new details now on the arrest of a virginia man found with a massive cache of high-powered weapons in his new jersey hotel room. the fbi is ruling out, they say, a terror link, and now questioning the man whose name is lloyd woodson. seen here, he was arrested yesterday at a convenient store, he was wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying a loaded simi automatic rifle after a sweep of his motel room, investigators found more rifles, a grenade launcher, a map of a u.s. military base, and a traditional mideastern head scarf. cath katharine gregg joins us from branchberg, new jersey. what's the latest on this one, kat
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21